Body Building more like a fashion

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Body building has change the world of adults lately and brings out a lot of self-confidence in them. It is more like a fashion nowadays.

The main reason we do body building is to attract people of opposite sex. It makes you feel strong and muscular. In short, it is all about good looks these days. Being an intellectual or having a good job or loads of money does not make you smart in our modern society. However, a body with large muscles is called style as well as you become popular and following today’s trend. You feel handsome, happy and awesome when everyone is looking at you when you are walking in a hall or anything like that.

Moreover, a body with muscles will bring to you a lot of friends and more people will want to stay with you. In addition, lots of attention will be given to you and frequently questions will flow towards you. Constantly girls will want to touch you everywhere and obviously, this counts like a bonus.



Body building will help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases like heart attack. You will gain muscles and avoid cholesterol and stay healthy in the long run.

On the other hand, people over 35 tend to have big bellies and are out of shape due to the consumption of alcohol and junk foods. They feel ugly and insecure in a relationship. But, if you start body building you will eliminate all these and be different to these people. It is easy to easy and all you have to do is to get to a gym or find a personal trainer. Slowly but surely, in around 8 months you will start to see a change in you.

Body building will hit you not only physically but emotionally as well. That is, you will get in shape and strong, however the feeling makes the difference after all. When you start to see the change in your body you get more motivated to go to the gym and become disciplined. Waking up at 6 in the morning and hitting the gym twice a week becomes an effortless game.

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