Eat healthy to stay healthy

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People say you are what you eat. In my belief, this is absolutely correct. Whatever you eat is reflected through your body, way you behave and talk. And if you eat less, you will be less significant on that day.

For example, today I had 2 “farata” and curry for lunch and did not eat until the evening. I felt good at the start as lunch was fine and eatable. But around late afternoon, I started to feel hungry and did not know what to eat. I was feeling thirsty as well and did not drink water at all and the problem is that I’m feeling hungry. If I stay hungry, I will continuously feel annoyed and weak. This will eventually cause stress and fatigue leading to being unhealthy. The concentration that you are supposed to have will not be the same. The solution is to eat on time and have a balanced diet always.

I know people eating junk foods everyday and also, drinking less water who are not healthy. They have fat bellies, look less smart and weak. If you are among these people who tend to eat junk foods, please stop doing it and eat at home. It is a good practice to eat your food at home then leave for work and bring food cooked at home to work. There could be exceptions to eat outside but that should be rare. I lost almost 15 kilograms in around 3 months by practicing this.


What should you eat? Personally, you should have a light breakfast. Something like, cereals or eggs or even grilled bread with some jam or butter in the morning is very healthy to start your day. Then, at noon, eat your lunch accompanied by a fruit and drink a lot of water. Intake of water should be 15 minutes before eating or 15 minutes after you had your food. I do this every time and that would not cause any eruptions in your stomach. If you are at home, ask yourself what you really want to eat today and go for it. This will gather up more energy and keep you healthy all day.

What you should not eat? Avoid things that feel good in your mouth like sweets, chocolates and fast foods. And if you have to eat those, for example, at a day out with friends or a birthday party then eat lesser you can. If you stay in control you will not gain weight and stay healthy.

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