Gastric problems


Baba Health Tips

Eating less food and not in time can lead to gastric problems in one’s life. The signs are vomiting while brushing your teeth in the morning and also, nausea while you’re having breakfast. In the long run, this can lead to stomach problems like immense pain and less desire for food.

After two consecutive days of waking up late, I vomited a lot of acid while brushing my teeth. It was a sign that I was not eating on time in the morning and was sleeping late. The only solution to this problem is to sleep early at nights and wake up early to have your breakfast. I was doing the contrary. I’m sleeping quite late at nights but eating well and stomach-full. I would wake up at around 9 or 10 in the morning and then have breakfast.

Furthermore, problems of gastric arise when you’re consuming food with lots of acids. Also, not drinking water well during your day can cause gastric troubles. In the morning while going to the toilet your urine would smell strong and will be yellow/orange in color. This is a sign that you are not having enough water during the day. I would suggest one to drink 2 glasses full of water in the morning after waking up; one glass of water fifteen minutes before lunch and one before diner. I would advise people to drink water fifteen minutes after having food and not during eating. And lastly, have one fruit regularly which would eliminate gastric problems slowly.

What went before one day was horrible experience to me. I was having a drink with my colleague friend at night and we were having “Green Island” liquor along with “Orangina” soft drink. It was like 5 years ago when I was working online. We had food as well and the small party went fine. I woke up a bit late that morning and when I went to brush, yellowish vomits came out of my stomach. I vomited a lot of these that day and I panicked because it was a first time. What I did was call my colleague friend and told him that I think I will die. He hurriedly came at my place and we went to a nearby doctor afterwards. The doctor told me that it was a gastric problem and prescribed few medicines for me. I used to wake up late these days since I was working online up to midnights every day. Nothing improved till now and still facing these sorts of complications. Fortunately, I’m not having severe pains in my stomach.

I would strictly advice people not to sleep late, not to wake up late, have food on time, avoid alcoholic drinks, avoid acidic stuffs and eat healthy to stay healthy.