Migraine Symptoms – Prevention is Better than Cure


Baba Health Tips

While there are many medicines to treat you whenever you have migraine symptoms, prevention is still better than cure. Artificial medicines can harm your body too so as much as possible preventing migraine attack is the best way to go about it. So how do you prevent a migraine attack? First, you need to live a healthy life.

The food you eat and the lifestyle you lead are some of the factors why you have migraines. So if you live a bad lifestyle, you are prone to have to migraines. You can start living healthy by not skipping meals as this causes migraines. Make it a habit to eat during meal time. Moreover, if you are a heavy drinker, you should lessen your beer intake.

This is also true if you are smoking. You should stop smoking to prevent migraine attacks. You should also get 9 hours of sleep a day if possible to help prevent migraine attacks.