Why Natural Medication Is Better Than Synthetic Medication?


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There are some people who are looking for ways to heal their health condition naturally. However, there are still other people who are just relying on doctor’s advice that they should seek proper medication with the use of synthetic drugs. Let me tell you something more on why natural medication is simply better than synthetic. Although that most of us are relying on prescription drugs that are synthetic, it is important that you should be educated on why natural is truly recommended. It can be all applied in all types of diseases, including the acid reflux.

There are also natural health supplements that can help you fight that certain disease or ailment naturally, but you need to understand one thing. Synthetic medication can only cure you temporarily (and it may cause a long term problem), but natural medication may be healing you in the long run and live a healthy kind of lifestyle. Health tips are very important to us nowadays, including this topic now.

Here’s one Youtube video from LarryCook333 about using natural medication for acid reflux by. Dr. Patti Kim, M.D. I hope you will find this very useful in the long run:

Anyway, here are the reasons why natural medication is totally better enough than synthetic medication:

1. Your kidney is 100% safe

The reason why natural medication is recommended because it won’t harm your kidney. It was proven that synthetic medication does have chemicals that can harm your kidney. This is why for pain relievers and other minor ailments, synthetic drugs restricts you to take it every 8 to 12 hours, depending on the medication that you have. If your kidney receives too much chemicals, it may lead you to kidney failure and may result you to undergo dialysis that cost you too much money. However, if you are going to use natural remedy or medication, there is no way that your kidney will be affected. It is because there are no harmful chemicals that are present within that natural medication you have.

2. No overdosage

You can take it as much as you want, as long there is no overdosage. If you are going to use synthetic medication and may do the overdosage, it will affect your internal organs including the kidney and liver. But with natural remedies, it will be no problem after all.

3. Assurance for long term healthy lifestyle

Prevention is better than cure, and you should know that. Natural remedies may give you a slow effect for your body to recover from a specific disease, but it may be worth it in the long run. It is better that you should consider something that can make you very health in the years to come, rather than be cured in a day or a week, and that disease will come back to haunt your body again.

Natural cures and remedies are considered very powerful nowadays, and it is time for you to take advantage of it like no other. There are so many remedies that you can count on that are natural, and it is your choice if you want to grab it or not.