Why strict calories counting is not needed anymore


Baba Health Tips

For most women, obesity is a problem that is feared because it can ruin the appearance. Obesity matter is very offensive if asked to most women because they are more concerned with their appearance than men. For them, the appearance is a reflection of their personality so that they would focus on setting the diet and daily calorie intake. The question that will be discussed in this article is whether we should always count calories every day to maintain weight or not. Counting calories is intended to provide control for ourselves about the daily intake of calories into our bodies and in some cases this help us to avoid the risk of obesity but you should be aware that this has bad psychological effects as this can lead to an excessive anxiety. Consequently, high levels of anxiety can lead to physical health if it is prolonged for months or even years. Many health experts found that the strict calorie calculations are not needed because the selection of a balanced diet can provide the same results without the necessity for us to get caught up in excessive anxiety.

How do we do that? Firstly, replace white rice with brown rice. A lot of researches has proved that the number of patients with diabetes and obesity is increasing in Southeast Asia although their fast food consumption level is quite low. The source of the problem is due to white rice as it contains carbohydrates associated with palmitoleic acid that can accumulate fat in the bloodstream. As already known, white rice is the staple food for most people in Southeast Asia. Why is brown rice highly recommended? Brown rice contains complex carbohydrates that are absorbed by the body in long enough time so that the body would not be bombarded by high carbohydrate intake.

Turning to the problem of animal protein, you are still allowed to eat meat or eggs, but you have to make sure the portions are not excessive. Try substituting meat with fish because it contains good fats, which can reduce bad fat deposits in blood vessels. While choosing fish, be sure that its from a “safe area”, that is, an area where contamination does not occur. Today many fishes are contaminated by mercury that can harm the body.

The final step we should do is exercise as this practice can burn fat naturally and if done regularly, it can keep us from the risk of obesity. Exercise can be started from simple things, like walking in the morning and swim once a week if you are a busy person.