Ebola is Still Present in Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia


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The largest Ebola outbreak was happening in the last 16 months in March 2014, even though many innovations and experiments has been done to fight the Ebola virus. But Ebola continuously live in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia and infected the 27,678 residences and a deceased of 11,276 people.

In the past week, The virus has shown progress again with a registered 30 infection/week, a sign of another breakout may happen again.

Epidemic Ebola cases still Rises in Guinea

The most recent count of infected patients arises from twelve to eighteen person/week according to MSF. An astonishing 25% of the cases was confirmed to be a cause of Ebola Virus in their communities for only three weeks. Is this means that this virus will again be the headlines of every news around the globe? We are seeing a potential outbreak once again.

As we can see and hear from the news that this virus is so alarming with a high percentage of death rate, the truth of the matter is, the global Official is now exhausted in finding the solution in this outbreak. They wanted this outbreak to end and find a cure to completely make this virus dead. According to Halford, an MSF Official, they are tired and just wanted to end the outbreak until they reach the zero case and he added that the people of Guinea are also tired of the uncertainty and fear.

A Light of Hope

At MSF’s Nongo facility, the affected Ebola virus patient has a choice to be treated of the newly found antidote which is the plasma donation from the survivors of the Ebola virus, which has been proven effective in the previous trials, enrolling 101 patients over the past months of medication. But the antidote will be available soon in these coming weeks, according to the researchers.

The epidemic is now in the Guinea-bissau, A neighboring Country of Northern Guinea, The MSF’s facility has already taken its step by putting a facility in the Northern Guinea. The Cluster has feared of having a geographical spread, which is now happening.

Spreading the Disease

The Geographical spread of the Ebola Virus reaches through Sierra Leone and 14 cases have now been identified which scattered through its nearby town: Port Loko, Freetown and Kambia districts. These alarming news showed how Ebola can reach another town in less than a week. The Freetown has now 10 confirmed cases of Ebola just by last week. In prior response to the Identified cases in Freetown, MSF’s has now a maternity center focused to give relief and help the mother who is infected by the said Virus.

A Misconception in Liberia

After being Ebola free on may 9, A forty-two day with no registered infection. The new case was found in the deceased body of a 17-year old boy, the boy lives in Monrovia and its spread to the 5 people, which being considered as a New Ebola case.

The MSF has taken its stand not to interfere with the investigation of the alleged new cases, unless the Ministry of Health told them so. The MSF facility is still running in Monrovia but they are just restoring the secondary health system in the Ebola survivors.