Study says working long hours and overtime increase the risk of a stroke


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British medical journal, the Lancet, latest news will definitely change your mind if you think being a hard workaholic sleeping in office and hard work will never kill anyone.

In fact, working just one extra hour daily will increase the chance of having a stroke over the next 8.5 years by 10% while people working 55 hours weekly will increase their risk by one third. Working longer hours at work will also develop risk of heart attack. It was very concerning for heart surgeons who spend on average 61.5 hours each week which is the longest in any medical profession.

According to a recent study, the cause of sudden death at work is due to stroke caused from long and repeated time of stress. It is known that long hours stress can cause biological changes in the body which can lead to deadly disease risks.

Mika Kivimaki, a professor of Epidemiology at University College London, said that health experts should be conscious of the risks involved in working long hours which are risk of stroke and related heart disease. Professor Mika and colleagues performed a systematic review and analysis of published and unpublished studies to inspect the effects of long working hours on heart related disease.

603, 838 individuals from Europe, US and Australia were involved in the studies from which researchers evaluated data for 8.5 years. Results from the analysis showed 13% increased risk of incident heart disease (diagnosis, hospitalization or even death involved) in people working for 55 hours or more a week as opposed to those people working only 35 to 40 hours a week considering risk factors such as sex, age and socioeconomic status.

Furthermore, data were analyzed from 17 other studies which involved 528, 908 individuals for a period of 7.2 years. Individuals who worked for 55 hours or more a week had 1.3 times elevated risk of stroke to those who worked standard hours.