Light drinking can cause cancer for both men and women – a new study found


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Actually, light drinking could be risky to both men and women who smoke at the same time. The study was conducted in the United States of America where a team of researchers from Harvard School of Public Health and from Brigham and Women’s Hospital located in Boston were involved.

The study showed that light or moderate drinking put smokers for alcohol related cancers. By light or moderate drinking the study means having just one drink (15 grams of alcohol) per day for women and two drinks per day for men.

Observations were made during the study to show how women were at risk of alcohol related cancers being light to moderate drinkers. And a high risk of breast cancer was noticed even if women do not smoke. On the other hand, men were at higher risk of cancer when they consume alcohol lightly or moderately and at the same time smoke. However, there was no association with men who drink lightly or moderately and never smoked and risk of developing cancer.

Previous studies proved that heavy consumption of alcohol was linked to higher risk of several types of cancer. But no study showed light or moderate drinking could be the cause for risk of cancer conditions before. These conclusions were drawn by researchers in the United States from two big studies conducted which involved 47, 881 men and 88, 084 women and lasted for 30 years. Also, health of both men and women were analyzed constantly throughout the studies.

Many factors were taken into consideration during the study such as age, sex, body mass index, physical activity and family history that could actually have an impact on the risk of cancer which will eventually indicate a higher chance for the development of cancer.

Jurgen Rehm, specialist from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health found in Toronto, believed the study gave considerable indication and data for researchers to completely understand the theory of light or moderate drinking with the risk for alcohol related cancers. People with a history of cancer are advised to drop drinking or drink less than advised to decrease the risk of cancers.