Single people can be as happy as people in a relationship – a study revealed


Out of fear for conflicts in a relationship, a new study has found that even single people are as happy as those in a relationship.

A study was conducted by Yuthika Girme, psychology doctoral candidate at the University of Auckland in New Zealand and study leader, along with her colleagues assessed more than 4, 000 people of age ranging from 18 to 94. They found that 20% of them were single while the rest were in a relationship for 22 years average.

Initially, analysis showed those who were in a relationship were happier than those who were single. Nevertheless, researchers did an advanced study where the focus was on the reactions of singles and they found that they are as happy as those in a couple because they do not like disagreements or dramas in a relationship. Moreover, singles who said relationship conflicts are just fine are found to be less happy. Moreover, these people usually take longer time to get over someone.

Some people assessed in the study said they love to stay single because by being single they are free from anxiety they experienced when they were in a couple. However, this feeling of being comfortably single may not be healthy for them in the long run which can lead to problems such as low life satisfaction and poor physical and mental health, according to earlier studies.

Girme confirmed in a press release that by being single, one can feel happier but on the other hand, have a negative impact in their past relationships which contributes to anxiety, lower life satisfaction, loneliness and detrimental focus on negative memories. Researchers believe that people who are single and have a negative point of view on relationships could benefit from psychotherapy to see or become aware of the positive aspects to be in a lovely and romantic relationship.

Till date, we have more single people than those in a relationship and the number of single people is constantly increasing. This is due to the increase in divorce, more single parents and people focusing and giving priority to career over marriage. Actually, 128 million or 51 percent of U.S. adults are single.

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