Texas couple marries just before delivery of their baby


Baba Health Tips

Stephanie Tallent, fiancée of Jason Nece, started to have contractions as they were attending an ultrasound rendezvous. Stephanie became aware at the hospital that she was in vigorous labor and 5cm contracted even being just 36 weeks expectant. The couple actually planned to get married before delivery however, the situation was planning something else and they eventually decided to marry right there and stick to their plan. In fact, they expected the delivery to be in a couple of weeks and will have enough time to plan the marriage.

Fortunately, the couple got their marriage license one day before Stephanie Tallent went into labour. At the same time, Nese rushed to his car to fetch the license and took a white sun dress along with him which Stephanie will wear and left it with the cleaners to deal.

Soon after, Stephanie was taken to an assessment room and needed to have a caesarean section. Just before the C-section, she was dressed by the nurses and loaned a nice necklace from a staff member with a bouquet and a blue ribbon added to it.

Most married couples describe the birthday of their newborn or their wedding day as the best day of their life, but the Texas couple had both celebrations on the same day. Hours later after their marriage, Tallent gave birth to a fit baby names Sophia Avis Marie Nece. Her dad experienced an amazing day, as he described later on.

After the child was born, interviews and raw footages with the Texas couple were provided by the Texas Children’s Hospital.