Study found moody and neurotic people to be more creative


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Neurotic depression and imagination work side by side as a new theory suggested. This could explain why many original thinkers, such as the famous neurotic Vincent Van Gogh, endured for their art creations. To name a few, Isaac Newton and film maker Woody Allen is both highly creative worriers.

These persons have a brain which is more sensitive to perceived threats than other normal people. Psychologists said that the panic tendency of these persons is closely linked to danger generating and over-active imagination.

Dr. Adam Perkins, personality expert from the King’s College London, said in a statement that they are not covering all answers in their new theory but it will help people to make sense of their own practices. And being highly neurotic which is by definition disagreeable, this shows that people can have creative benefits.

In fact, neuroticism is one among the five personality attributes which are openness, extraversion, conscientiousness and agreeableness known by psychologists. Neurotic persons are characterized with a lot of negative emotions such as anxiety, envy, worry, fear, jealousy, frustration and loneliness.