Drinking a lot of water will not cure your hangover


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Do you remember those mornings when your head seems to be heavier than block of bricks and your mouth drier than during the hottest day in the desert? Actually, this is how hangovers are and can be described. It seems that it has no cure with all the water in the world which is believed to be the all-time cure for hangovers. But it is not as you may think.

A recent study suggested, hangovers are not relieved by drinking lots of water and help in removing those alcohol toxins in your body. The only way you can avoid hangovers and headaches is by reducing the consumption of alcohol. Researchers who conducted the study surveyed around 826 students and their drinking habits, amount of alcohol consumed and sternness of hangovers were analyzed. Moreover, the level of alcohol was measured by researchers where participants experienced hangovers after drinking and for those who did not experience any side effect as well.

It was revealed after the analysis that 79 percent of the participants who did not get a hangover had actually 0.10 percent alcohol content in their body. 54 percent out of these people tried to stop the hangover by eating food and two thirds of them tried drink lots of water in order to relieve themselves from the side effects. Therefore, we can assume that drinking water will not have a significant effect on the severity of hangovers. In order to avoid rough hangovers, it is advised to find a balance and avoid drinking that much.

In fact, after drinking a lot of alcohol the body gets dehydrated at a dramatic degree where the need of drinking water is felt. However, water will only refill the body with the depleted resources and will not take the awful headache away. One will continue to experience nausea and feel that the entire room is swirling and furniture playing tricks on the eyes.

Hangovers have a debilitating effect on both souls and society and can make one miss work, not stay in full capacity and are the root of sadness and depression. Now that we know water is not an actual cure for hangovers, we must start thinking about drinking less.

The entire research was presented at the annual congress of the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology and authors suggested that more controlled trials need to be done to understand hangovers completely.