Mother from California gives birth to conjoined twins; one passed away


Baba Health Tips

It was a bit rare to see a woman giving birth to conjoined twins before but it is getting common nowadays.

Yesterday, Amber McCullough from Colorado in California gave birth to conjoined twins namely Olivia and Hannah. Unfortunately, their bodies were connected at the abdomens. To give the babies a normal life, the doctors right away decided to separate them by conducting an operation at Children’s Hospital in Colorado. The mother, Amber McCullough, was hoping for the best result so that both babies survive the surgery but this was not the case.

One of the babies, Olivia, died and Hannah survived the operation but fighting a critical situation. Despite the efforts from intelligent and skilled doctors to try separate the twins successfully by saving their lives, fate decided otherwise and only one of them could live.

As described by medical experts, having conjoined babies is a rare thing and now, Amber, is putting all her faith to the doctors and she’s hoping that they will be able to save the life of Hannah. Despite the grief for losing Olivia, Amber is staying strong for Hannah because it will be a real disaster to lose both of her beautiful babies.

Amber, the mother, has a small but precious moment to cherish all her life with Hannah regardless of the short life of Olivia. The brave woman is very hopeful for the best for her little princess Hannah and she knows the situation could worsen at any moment.