Study finds 1 out of 17 students smoking pot (Marijuana) over cigarettes


Baba Health Tips

The University of Michigan has released a new study reporting that the use of marijuana by U.S. college students is more than ever.

The daily use of marijuana among college students has been heavily increased over the past decade. Surveys from the university’s “Monitoring the Future” study prove that marijuana is the preferred substance among college students beating tobacco use for the first time in year 2014. Steve Carrel, CEO of Muskingum Behavioral Health, revealed these findings as not surprising at all.

Carrel added the American Lung Association and cancer folks did a good job in making people aware of the side effects of smoking cigarettes. Now less people are smoking cigarettes and adults are starting to smoke marijuana.

Young teenagers and adults are finding pot as a safer alternative to tobacco but Carrel denied this perception. In fact, marijuana includes large amounts of THC which is responsible for causing brain abnormalities and other side-effects.

Carrel believes the legalization of marijuana is causing the perception where one would think that it is safe to smoke pot which is never close to being accurate. Mental illnesses such as psychosis are being developed when people smoke substances with high concentrations of THC and results show it is on an increased rate.

On the other hand, half of the students surveyed were found to be non-smoker of the illicit drugs which is a good news for most concerned parents.