Eating fish twice a week is very healthy and recommended by experts. How about everyday?

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Eating fish twice a week is good for the heart and brain and the government is urging everyone to establish this practice. You might be thinking if eating fish twice a week is a good practice, then eating fish every day might be even better?

Well, it is a question which experts could not give an answer either. Actually, it is not only a health issue but an environmental one also. That is to say, there are not, most probably, enough fish in our sea for everyone to consume all the time.

However, experts did mention the fact about eating fish more than twice a week being healthful. Eric Rimm, professor of epidemiology and nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health, said most individuals can consume fish everyday without any problem and it’s better to eat fish everyday than beef. However, there are certain groups who should avoid fish and certain kind of fish on a daily basis, for example, pregnant women. Swordfish and tuna are larger fishes that live longer in the ocean and they bioaccumulate toxins such as the mercury that are harmful to the health, explained Rimm.

Rimm added, large fishes are not good for a developing fetus as well as for children on a daily basis. Theresa Sinicrope Talley, researcher with the California Sea Grant at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego, said mercury in smaller fish with short life spans is not harmful to the health. However, it may cause temporary neurological effects and will not cause long lasting damage in adults.

There are few reports of people who eat fish every day complaining of neurological problems such as dizziness or difficulties on concentrating. Rimm said that those might be people consuming sushi or tuna twice every day. And the only cure is to stop eating fish daily and the mercury level will go down pushing the symptoms away.

To answer our initial question, Rimm said the science is still out of that whether eating fish every day is better than twice a week.