School teenagers are using E-cigarettes to vaporize Marijuana, study finds

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E-cigarettes are quickly becoming a device being used across the nation by both smokers and non-smokers.  In fact, e-cigarettes use is twice as likely to lead to normal cigarettes compared to those who do not smoke.

During a recent study, 27.9 percent of the participants said they used e-cigarettes at some point. Around 4, 000 Connecticut teenagers were surveyed and scientists found that one in five students are using e-cigarettes to vaporize nicotine and for vaporizing pot as well. The study can be found published in the Pediatrics journal and this is the first evidence by researchers that teenagers are using e-cigarettes to vaporize pot.


The paper published by Meghan Morean from Oberlin College in Ohio has raised concerns on the increase popularity of e-cigarettes among teens which are using them to vaporize cannabis. This practice would expose the teens to a higher concentration of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) – a key psychoactive ingredient in Marijuana.

Morean emailed that vaporized cannabis such as hash oil can be many times stronger and harmful than marijuana that is smoked normally.

Statistics from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that 2 million students tried e-cigarettes in 2014 which is three times the number in 2013.