3 killed and 26 missing after heavy rainfall in Japan City


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A report on Friday 11th of September claimed that three people are dead and 26 others are missing after the massive floods and landslides due to torrential rain falls in Eastern Japan.

NHK news agency reported that 25 people including two children from the city of Joso in Ibaraki region are missing after heavy rain broke a levee of the Kinugawa River on Thursday.

A 63 year old woman was killed in the region of Tochigi when an avalanche hit her house in the Kanuma City. A man in the 20s also died after falling into a drainpipe in Nikko City.

Another case was confirmed by officials of Kurihara City in the Miyagi region that a woman aged 48 years old was killed after she was washed away in her car early on Friday morning. A man aged 62 years old was also swept away in the car and is still missing.

Meteorological Agency in Japan has issued an emergency warning in the Miyagi region due to the heavy rainfall and municipalities are calling on localities to evacuate to safer places.

The agency added that the precipitation in Miyagi reached over 400mm which is double the amount of total rainfall for the average September. More than 310, 000 residents were adviced to evacuate to safer places in Miyagi’s capital, Sendai City.

It is expected to rain heavily in the next few days, agency confirmed.