A new research shows that heart attacks can be reversed by protein fstl1

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The human heart tissue has minimal capability to restore after an injury. However, a research has shown that protein fstl1, found in the heart’s epicardial region, can induce regeneration after a heart attack.

Scientists say that the prototype patch will be very helpful in the repair of the damaged tissues after a heart attack. Actually, many people can survive a heart attack but live with a lasting damaged muscles and tissues within the heart. The initial damage caused can have its consequences and leads to massive after effects such as heart failure after five to six years.

Dr. Pilar Ruiz-Lozana, professor at Stanford University, said there is no actual treatment which deals with this fundamental problem. Consequently, patients lose heart function in the long run which leads to long-term disability and hence, death. However, the new research can be handy as it can reverse the effect of initial heart attacks. It would be effective in treating heart problems and reverse the effects leading to less long-term damage of the heart.

An international team of researchers conducted a study where a collagen patch was soaked in an Fstl1 during the trials. This patch was then stitched onto the hearts of pigs and mice in laboratories. The results were encouraging as the growth of healthy cells were seen which would reduce scarring where the animal’s hearts returned to normal heart function very soon after the procedure.

Results were seen sooner than expected as just two weeks after stitching were done; the hearts grew and showed new blood vessels and muscle cells. They began to pump more effectively, moreover.

Heart attacks caused the pig’s hearts’ blood flow to drop from a rate of 50 percent to 30 percent. After the patch was implanted, the heart’s blood flow was restored to a normal rate of 40 percent. In addition, less scarring was seen.

Although these trials have been done on only animals, scientists are almost sure the positive results would be seen in human trials in a few years time.

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