Aerovelo, a human-powered vehicle, sets new world record at 138 KM/H

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A human-powered vehicle built by a Canadian company smashed the world record by reaching a speed of 138 kilometers per hour (85.71 miles per hour).

The Aerovelo group, a team of engineering students from Toronto University, has achieved excellent performances throughout the year by gathering an impressive number of prizes.


The human-powered vehicle was pedaled at unbelievable speeds during the World Human Powered Speed Challenge competition, setting a new world record. The AeroVelo has broken the old world record by a large margin becoming a champion of human powered bikes.

The competition took place in Battle Mountain, Nevada, at the 16th annual World Human Powered Speed Challenge on Thursday morning. The group’s Vortex bike set a new land speed record of 116.9 kilometers per hour (72.6 miles per hour) in the college-built and piloted vehicles category.

The main objective and focus for AeroVelo was to build an aerodynamic shell around the bike and its rider for complete protection. Aviation was also undertaken by the group whereby the first working human powered ornithopter was developed and won the Sikorsky Prize back in 2013 with the Atlas Human powered helicopter.

The confidence was always there at AeroVelo to achieve the objectives set and has proved during the previous years the efficiency of their team in the realm of human powered vehicles.

The team Aerovelo aims to break the record even further in the coming years by crafting a vehicle capable of reaching higher speeds.

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