New York Woman Beats DWI Charge With Auto-Brewery Syndrome Defense

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If that sounds unusual, it’s because it is.The “auto-brewery syndrome” is also known as gut fermentation syndrome and is a rare medical condition when carbohydrates in common food are converted into ethanol due to abnormal level of gastrointestinal yeast.

A 35-year-old school teacher charged with a DWI after a breathalyzer measured a BAC of. Another driver who saw her struggling to manage the vehicle thought it to be an accident and reported. Gallardo noticed there was an enormous amount of smoke coming from the woman’s vehicle.

“She had no idea she had this condition”. Police procedure states that anyone who blows a life-threatening number must be taken to the hospital.

While others with the syndrome have been diagnosed because they became drunk without drinking alcohol, Mr. Marusak said that his client have never felt tipsy and thus was not aware she had the syndrome.

Even though the Hamburg judge dismissed the case against his client, Marusak says it’s not over yet. She is now open to drive without restrictions.

This prompted an internet search which brought up the question of auto-brewery syndrome.

When a person has auto-brewery syndrome, the body brews alcohol, as insane as that may sound. The process is similar to the small bowel and vastly distinct from usual gut fermentation in our large bowel producing the energy needed by the body.

Marusak arranged to have two nurses and a physician’s assistant monitor his client for a day to document she drank no alcohol, and to take several blood samples for testing.

In the meantime, the woman is getting treated by taking anti-fungal medications.

Dr. Richard Peek, A professor of medicine and cancer biology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, said the cause of the symptoms hasn’t been completely understood so far, though there is a probable culprit.

Auto-brewery syndrome was first documented in the 1970’s in Japan.

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