Kangaroo mother care could increase survival odds for Premature and underweight newborns

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 Kangaroo mother care is skin to skin contact between mother and baby, with mothers holding the baby to the chest and is often practiced along with breastfeeding.

In developing countries especially, now, a new research is supporting a practice known as kangaroo care that the World Health Organization has long encouraged to reduce infant mortality.

The WHO said that the government had been providing funds aid to chacha Nehru hospital for enriching the state’s first of its kind unit for mother and child care. Among heavier infants, the impact of kangaroo mother care was noticed in terms of better temperature regulation and pain tolerance.

Ruth Feldman, a researcher at Bar-Ilan University in Israel and Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut said that like all mammalian young, kangaroo care may help human infants, because these babies develop their physiological systems in the context of the mother’s body.

Keeping the newborn close to the mother may protect the baby from coming in contact with infections organism and the explanation is that because skin serves as a protective barrier against infections.

The researcher found that newborns weighing less than 4.4 pounds who were given kangaroo mother care showed 36% reduction in mortality and 47% lower risk of sepsis or major infections.

Researchers said that infants born pre-term or at low birth weight have a high risk of death, developmental delays, serious illness and chronic disease.

Experts from the analysis said that, of 124 studies from around the world, confirms the value of “kangaroo care” for premature newborns.

As a conclusion, additional studies on KMC among full-term and normal birth weight infants, in newborns after cesarean section, and on the effectiveness of skin-to-skin contact provided by caregivers other than the mother would all be helpful understanding how different infant populations may benefit from this intervention.

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