Will The ‘DNA Diet’ Be The Future Of Weight Loss?

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What if your doctor could create a perfect diet, one based on your DNA, in order to help you lose weight?

To some people it may sound like a concept from the future. According to scientists, a diet customized for each and every person might actually be something that can be of help in the next five years. These genome-specific diets could be the answer for people trying to shed pounds where previous diets have failed.

Researchers, in a new study, analyzed genetic tests, research on weight fluctuations and genomic research to try and find a relationship between the two, which one again confirms the connection between obesity and genetics.

Moreover, in the study, multiple genes related to obesity were identified. But the researchers said it was unclear what the exact impact of each was on the human body. One gene, for example, appears to automatically store energy as fat rather than burning it through normal activity, but why?

The researchers said, although a genetic basis for obesity and body composition has been well established and also similar studies has provide evidence that a person’s genetic plays an important role in response to weight loss or weight gain.

By 2020, these DNA diets will likely be integrated into people weight management plans and as with more diets, will only be effective when combined with an exercise routine, said Dr. Molly Bray, geneticist and the study’s lead author.

Saliva sample provided by the patients will be analyzed so that to create a customize diets by using a computer algorithm. Moreover, together with a person DNA, their environment, activity, diet and stress levels will all be taken into consideration to create an ideal meal plan for the person.

When people are informed that their genetics may be enhancing their risk of obesity, in some cases this may motivates them to try harder to lose more weight.

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