At Carreau Laliane A Repugnant Smell Causing Problems To The Public

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Satish Doomun, an inhabitant of Carreau Lalliane, locality situated in the outskirts of Vacoas, is not able to handle the situation. In a statement this morning, the restaurant owner of 58 years explains that for some time a septic tank of a dormitory where live hundreds of Bangladeshi workers, leaving to flow on the road worn water which smell unpleasant and goes by the locality.

His appeals to the authorities to remedy the situation have so far remained unsuccessful. The Restorer is even more upset by this situation that this foul-smelling water stagnates outside the front door of his trade, which the customer is becoming increasingly scarce. “People refuse to consume drinks or food in my restaurant because this smells repugnant.” Even me, I can’t work in my restaurant or sleep properly in my own home”, he said as the restaurant is his only source of income.

Satish Doomun lives a real ordeal for some time. It has already referred to the situation with the owner of the building that serves as a dormitory, and it had declared that he would take necessary actions. “But to date, nothing has been done,” said Satish Doomun and he also turned to the authorities who have, according to him, yet nothing done to find a solution to this problem. “I have contacted health services, the Department of the environment and the municipality, but nobody came to try anything,” he said. Last Thursday, on the eve of Christmas, Vacoas policeman visited on-site to establish an observation. Police have even ordered the owner to remedy the situation, but none has been taken so far. And the stench is not the only problem facing the restorer. According to Satish Doomun, the dormitory is overcrowded because, he said, its capacity is 60 people only.

However, according to our interlocutor, hundreds of workers there are hosted. Further out Satish Doomun also added that, these foreign workers are at the origin of many disorders in the region. Residents also confirmed the words of Satish Doomun. Many inhabitants of this locality mainly residential and agricultural complain of this problem of stench and frequent quarrels involving these foreign workers.

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