Two Fishermen Missing At Au Morne

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More than a month since then that four fishermen were missing off the coast of the l’île Ronde, Ram Kona Her Canaidu, a 47 years old man living in Surinam, and André Roland Laramé, 53 years old, an inhabitant of Riambel, most gave signs of life after they went to Aux Morne for a fishing expedition.

According to police sources, the two men had left their home at around 4.30 am Saturday morning. The regular police as well as several other units of the security forces have been mobilized in the South of the island to try to find them. Several search operations conducted in the sea during the day on Sunday by the National Coast Guard and the Helipcopter Squadron in order to find the two men, but to no advantage. The police could find Ram Kona Her Canaidu car to the place where he had parked it before he went fishing at le Morne.

Furthermore, the police have still not found the four inhabitants of Pointe aux Piments which were likely missing since 30th November. Anand Aukhojee, age 54, Clovis Percy, 74 years, Rajesh Panchoo and 43 years, Satyanand Choytun, age 54, had left their House on 30th November at 5.30 am to go fishing in the vicinity of the island round. The search for them has not been abandoned but the chances of finding them alive are dwindling as the days pass.

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