Terrorist attack threat: an anonymous email were sent to the Prime Minister’s Office

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An investigation was opened by the Central Criminal Investigation Department (CCID), on Thursday, January 21, after the Prime Minister’s Office received an email. It mentioned of a possible terrorist attack to occur on the Mauritian soil this Friday.

Early Thursday morning, the head of the National Security Service and head of the anti-terrorist cell, Lockhdev Hoolash, and the Police Superintendent Lilram Deal visited the premises of the CCID.

The email sent to the Prime Minister’s Office on the 20th of January, reports of threats of attacks in several strategic locations in Mauritius this Friday, 22th of January and is being taken very seriously by the Mauritian authorities.

The police have taken measures to enhance the level of security throughout the country. Various police units have been deployed in the field.

The Police Commissioner (PC) Mario Nobin assured, in a press conference at midday Friday, January 22, that the situation is under control.

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