The Sister Of Jean Colet Sténio Said That “SOME THIEVES HAVE KILLED MY BROTHER”

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Sad end for Jean Sténio Colet, 38-year-old resident Bois Marchand, who was killed Thursday afternoon on the 21st of January during a fight.
Five suspects were arrested by the police so far. They were taken to the office of Major Crimes Investigation Team (MCIT) for questioning.
But the main suspect, we learnt, fled, carrying the murder weapon, a screwdriver. An autopsy will be performed in the evening.

Still in shock, the sister of the victim did not hide her anger on Radio Plus:
“The police did not do their job. People had committed a theft at my father’s place. The police could not find the thieves. And today the thieves came back and killed my brother. He had complained to the police twice.
The situation escalated after the crime. A hostile crowd took to the streets. Hence, the deployment of Special Support Unit members (SSU) and the Intervention Group of the Mauritian Police (GIPM) were needed to avoid overflow.
A police officer received a blow from a bottle to the head, according to Nassif Joomratty from Radio Plus. Everything was back on track by 16 h 30.
But the police were always present on the late afternoon scene to deal with any eventuality.

Source of photo – Defimedia.info

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