Tropical storm ” Corentin ” is currently being formed in the north-east of Rodrigues.

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The cyclone will probably be called Corentin. Experts from the meteorological station of Vacoas will proceed for the naming process later during the day today, January 21.

The newly-forming cyclone is nearer to Rodrigues at the moment. It could be felt yesterday night through weak winds that were moving in a west-north-west direction at 10 km/h. The cyclone is expected to intensify in the coming hours though. By tomorrow, it might become a strong tropical storm.

Source from, L’Express.mu reports from the meteorological station of Vacoas that the storm has been showing signs of intensification last night; they were to continue analysing its progression.

The tropical storm does not yet constitute a danger to Mauritius. It is forecasted to pass by the east of Rodrigues from a distance today afternoon.

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