Arrest under POTA: Ish Sookun lawyer asked that the charges should be writen-off

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Ish Sookun and Kishan Sooklall appeared in court in Curepipe, on Monday, the  25th January. The two men, arrested in connection with the investigation into the threatening email of a terrorist attack in Mauritius, they are provisionally charged under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA). They were escorted by police cell after their appearance.

The lawyer of Ish Sookun, who demonstrated the many flaws in the computer system of biometric ID card, introduced a motion to have the charges against his client be struck. Erickson Mooneapillay made two points: he has revealed no evidence against his client and the interim charge is unconstitutional, he said. The motion will be debated on February 3.


The computer scientist, aged 30, should also be attached to his motion in the afternoon of Monday, January 25. The young man was arrested Saturday at his home in Providence, Quartier-Militaire. He has denied all the allegations made against him.

Manage Indra Cybercafé Lakepoint, Curepipe, Gianeshwar Sooklall said Kishan, was also detained on Saturday. According to the police Cybercrime Unit, the email sent to the Prime Minister’s office last week reporting a terrorist act was sent from the cafe.

However, Ish Sookun has denied all allegations against him saying he wants to promote Mauritius in the IT field, as an IT professional and not like a terrorist.

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