Beau-Bassin : A young woman stabbed in broad daylight

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What could have caused such an act of violence? A resident of Beau-Bassin, 20 years old, was returning from her classes, around 1 p.m on Saturday 23rd January, when she was stabbed by a stranger. She was wounded in the stomach and her attacker, 23 years old, is a resident of Belle Etoile, reports have said.


The young man fled away in a car driven by a resident of 35 years old from La Tour -Koenig . The two men were arrested later during the day. Additionally, the inhabitant of Belle Etoile was admitted to the hospital Brown Sequard, in a high-security unit.

The young woman was transported to the clinic Bon Pasteur by local inhabitants and her condition is considered stable, fortunately.

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