JOB VACANCY IN MAURITIUS: Public Service Unions Call an Ombudsperson, 7000 Forms Available.

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Radhakrishna Sadien, the president of the syndicate was facing the press Monday, 25th January; he said that unemployed people would have someone to turn to.

Besides the creation of this new position, Radhakrishna Sadien wants the Public Service Bill to be presented to the National Assembly at the earliest. “The law that governs this sector dates back several years and the realities have changed. We asked the officials to change their mind- set but it is the job of government to present the legal framework in which it wants that officials are changing. A new law will put more order in the public service”, says Radhakrishna Sadien. However, it requests that the bill must be circulated to the syndicat unions before being submitted to Parliament.



About recruitments in the public service, he said, noting some inconsistency between what the minister said that 7000 posts are to be filled in the public service and the operation of the Public Service Commission (PSC) is in charge of recruitment that sector. “With only a chairperson, two vice presidents and four members, the PSC does not have sufficient human resources for such number of recruitments. Howerver, some positions were vacant for over seven months. Recruitments in the PSC should already be started and create subcommittees for departments to labor- such as Education and Health”, offers the union.
It also proposes that the PSC is the only body authorized to recruit officials and “it no longer delegates its authority to departments to avoid the perception that there are privileged in the public service.”

Click on this link to get PSC Forms.

UPDATE: Due to the high demand of PSC forms, note that they are downloadable at http://psc.govmu.org/English/Downloads/Pages/Downloads.aspx and please, contact them to ask for job availability before filling the forms for submission. We’re also attaching list of jobs available below. Download the image.


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