Shocking: Two children die in accidents yesterday afternoon.

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A series of accidents in the course of Sunday afternoon where two of them were fatal for two children.

At Petite-Rivière, Frédéric L’Eveillé, 13 years old, was killed, hit by a motor van driven by his neighbor who was backing up. And a little while later in Plaine Magnien, this time, a girl of one and a half years old was also crushed by a relative who was also backing up.



Two other accidents, less serious, however, took place at Mare D’Albert and Valton. At -Mare D’Albert , we deplore six injured after a collision between a car and a 4×4 . One of the passengers remained trapped inside his vehicle and it took the intervention of firefighters to extricate it.

At Valton, a dozen people, including tourists, were injured after a collision between a 4×4 and a van with 15 seats. The injured were immediately taken to the hospital SSRN.

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