Anonymous email to the PMO: Ish Sookun will have to spend one more week in police cell

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He will have to wait one week before deciding his fate. Ish Sookun, administrator of the computer operating system within LSL Digital, a subsidiary of La Sentinelle, appeared before the Bail and Remand Court, Monday, January 25, where his bail demand was discussed. The court will give its ruling on February 2.
The computer scientist and his business partner in managing an Internet cafe, Kishan Sooklall, were arrested on Saturday evening. These arrests followed two anonymous emails that were sent to the Prime Minister’s Office. They are tentatively charged under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA).


In court this afternoon, the officer in charge of the investigation was questioned by the lawyers of the computer scientist, Mr. Erickson Mooneapillay and  Mr. Sanjiv Teeluckdharry . The officer has read the contents of the email sent to the PMO and said that the police suspect Ish Sookun to be the sender of this anonymous email.

Regarding the objection of his release, the police claimed that too many negative comments are circulating about the computer scientist following his arrest. They said that Ish Sookun could also interfere with witnesses and it is all about preserving public order.
The officer in charge also mentioned that it is the result of a statement made by a government official that this case followed up.
As for Ish Sookun, he, again, denied all allegations against him in court yesterday.

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