Colleagues of Ish Sookun say “It cannot be him” concerning the Terrorist Threat

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“Why would he do that? He who does so much for his country”, say the two colleagues of Ish Sookun,  Sandeep Ramgoolam and Yusuf Abdoolsatar. The three integrated the digital department of La Sentinelle in 2015. For them, it sure that Ish Sookun, who was charged under the provisions of the Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA), can not be the author of the email sent on the 20th of January, reports of terrorist threats in key areas of Port-Louis.

Yusuf Abdoolsatar, colleague of Ish Sookur said that “he has no reason to do such a thing.” “He is within the ICT Advisory Council, voluntarily. He is not paid for it. He took a position on the biometric card. What were his motives to do such a thing?”

According to the testimony of the police assistant, Tritrudeo Dawoodharry on the motion for release of Ish Sookun Bail and Remand to the Court, the police believe that the computer scientist, Ish Sookun wrote the email sent on the 20th of January.



But where was Ish Sookun at that time? The company’s cameras were verified and the data of the presence of computer scientist were analyzed. According to this information, Ish Sookun was, indeed, in the premises of The Sentinel at the relevant time, that is to say, at 11:37 when the email was sent.

According to the surveillance camera found in the premises of La Sentinelle, Ish Sookun was in his place of work. In fact, that day, the computer scientist arrived at the offices of The Sentinel at 10:15 and had finished his work at 5:37 p.m.. Meanwhile, his only exit from the premises of La Sentinelle was made around 12:30 when he went, accompanied by two of his colleagues, to buy equipments that were to be used for the next scheduled broadcast of the visit of Minister hadain in the newsroom of the group. After office hours, he was accompanied by his two colleagues who went to play a football match on the playing field of the company.

How did the email landed at the PMO?

We wanted to understand the trajectory of an email. Asked for an explanation, the Systems Engineer, Ajay Ramjatan says that an electronic mail works much like a postcard would be sent. “Contrary to what we may think, an email does not simply go from one server to another. It can pass through different servers on the Internet. And to trace the source of an e-mail, we need to start a new path. That is to say, identify all the servers through which an email may pass, while assuming that the information that we receive from these servers are proven,” he explains.

Source: L’express

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