Here’s how Vikash Domunsingh, nicknamed Rambo was killed to death by his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend

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Sad end for Vikash Domunsingh, nicknamed Rambo, who was attacked with a knife by the ex-boyfriend of his girlfriend during an argument in the early hours on Wednesday, the 27th of January.

Seriously wounded in the abdomen, Vikash Domunsingh, a mason of 33 years from Sainte-Croix, died in hospital Dr AG Jeetoo in Port Louis. The autopsy found a “stab wound in the heart.”

” Vikash Domunsingh lay in a pool of blood at his home when help arrived. Ashana, his partner and Jean-Marc Marcelin, the alleged murderer, were also injured during the altercation.



The woman was admitted to hospital Dr AG Jeetoo while the suspect, 34 years old was arrested for investigation. Vinay Goorun, Vikash Domunsingh’s cousin, testified on Radio Plus, explaining that the victim had called for rescue.

He said that « Mo kouzin ti pe kriye mwa. Letan li pe kriye mo konpran so lavi pe al touzour. Linn tro blesse. Misie la inn koup koup li partou »

Vinay Goorun said he heard noises from the house of Vikash Domunsigh:

« Mo tann tapaz. Mo mama dir mwa Rambo pe laguer. Mo dir li less zot, mo kone li habitue laguer ek so madam. Mo mama dir mwa non, enn boug inn may avek li. Ler mo desann mo trouv lot boug la osi inn blese. Fam la ti ariv ziska devan laport, li ti pe vinn rod secour kot mwa li ».

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