The Terror Threat Sent By Email Has Been Of Great Concern For The MSM Party

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“We must not take these threats lightly because Mauritius is not immune to such attacks.” A member of the Militant Socialist Movement explained why the e-mail sent to the Prime Minister’s Office last week threatening the country from attack terrorist was discussed by the party on Tuesday, January 26.

As part of the investigation of this e-mail, two suspects, Ish Sookun and Kishan Sooklall  were arrested. In this regard, the political bureau hope that the police conduct a thorough investigation and maintains that those found guilty should face justice. However, members felt that they cannot point finger at anyone until the investigation is complete.



MedPoint: Jugnauth optimistic
The political bureau also spoke on Monday for the decision that local governments perform some of the work previously falling under the dome of the National Development Unit. There is too much delay in the completion of some projects and that is why we must allow local authorities to make certain, including the construction of drains and road resurfacing.

MedPoint: The case was also raised. Jugnauth reiterated his optimism that he will survive the setbacks. The political bureau criticized some articles that commented on the case. It was also decided that until Parliament resumed political bureau will meet on Tuesdays.

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