A Muruga Statue Miracle Spilling Honey Out In Floreal [Watch VIDEO Inside]

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Saturday, January 23 was a memorable day for a family living Floreal. They made a surprising discovery on the eve of Thaipoosam Cavadee.

A couple was busy decorating their cavadee structure that day. “My sister was cleaning the corners where prayers are done. She had to remove the banana leaf on which we had deposited the offerings and murthi (statuette). She noted with astonishment that the sheet was completely covered with a glossy liquid. We were all worried at that time. The liquid was thick and sticky. Its texture and sweet taste strangely resembled honey, “says G., one of the family members. He argues that the liquid was coming out of the mouth, face and other body parts of the Divinity.



The statuette continued to pour honey out for the procession which took place from the river to the temple, Sunday, January 24. The murthi Muruga was then placed in a thali (copper plate) filled with water to repel ants. A sweet perfume escaped as soon as the statue was raised.

“I showed it to the priest from a Kovil in Camp Caval. He said it was a good sign and to expect good news soon. He is proud that his followers have witnessed such an event, “says G. His sister gave a little of this honey to a relative who was ill. “She is gradually recovering from her illness while she was in critical condition,” he said.

Source: Defimedia

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