Alberta teen injured after he says e-cigarette exploded

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Sad fate for this young Albertan 16 years. The teen have sustained multiple facial injuries when his electronic cigarette accidentally exploded in his father’s car …

Pictures that may be offensive to many but that will certainly raise awareness of the risk involved with electronic cigarettes ….

For several days pictures of a young Albertan Ty Greer, 16, were circulating on the net. Quite disturbing images on which we see the young man, his face badly burned to first and second degrees. According to “Global News” reports, Ty who was accompanied by his father, was seriously injured when he was smoking an electronic cigarette. It exploded in his mouth.



In his testimony, Perry Greer, the father of the young man reports that the explosion caused a big fireball that would have even burned the gym bag of Ty. A horrible story that his 16 year old son experienced, “something that no father should be a witness.”

Ty Greer burned not only the face but also broke some teeth. On his arrival at the hospital, the medical profession had to administer morphine to calm his horrific pain.


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