Fort Boyard: A candidate forgotten in a cell found 7 years later

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La Rochelle – Fear and misunderstanding for France Television after the discovery of this weekend. A man, a former candidate of the show Fort Boyard, said to have been forgotten in a cell of the famous game, there is more than seven years. Reportage.The man named Aymeric, currently hospitalized at the University Hospital of La Rochelle, has not told his entire story to investigators but gradually begins to understand what happened. It was during a test of the recorded program on the Fort Boyard. He had to find a key in a series of mouse filled jars, insects and other viscous materials. He unfortunately did not finish on time and remained a prisoner as is the rule, said a policeman. To an unexplained reason, the rest of his teammates back then forgot him in his cell after the end of the show. “Everyone thought he was back on his own, or annoyed to have failed, he would not talk to other team members,” says Ingrid, her teammate at the time.



Registration finished, they left Aymeric to his fate. Nobody went to this cell again, which was then forgotten as they stopped using this part of the Fort Boyard for games or filming. There are hundreds of such cells throughout the Fort” explains Colin Jamiel for its part, producer of the program. The thick walls of the site will block calls/screams from Aymeric. However, the young man miraculously survived by feeding on spiders, mice, rats and roots, like he said.
This lasted for seven long years for Aymeric. Until last weekend, when a team responsible for the renovation of parts of Fort reopened his cell and they discovered a pale man, with long hair, almost blind. Taken care of immediately by the emergency staffs, the man was quickly hospitalized. “While we looked after him, it was noticed that he was holding something in his hand, a small key,” says one of the firefighters. So what would prove that Aymeric had almost passed the test at that time.

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