SHOCKING: Pitbull Dog Saves Girl After Labrador Attack [VIDEO]

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For many years, the Pitbull breed dogs often have bad reputation because they are presented as dangerous animals. But in the following story, it is a pitbull who committed a heroic gesture.

Remayah Hernandez, a girl of five, was playing outside with one of her friends when she tried to play with the Labrador of a neighbor.

But the dog suddenly became aggressive and bit the girl in the face.

Fortunately for Remayah, the pitbull of her family was nearby and the latter did not hesitate one second to run to the defense of the girl. In fact, the pit bull jumped over the fence to immediately attack  the labrador mortally.



Obviously, the family of Remayah was shocked when the girl was able to speak and tell her story.

Finally, as her family had to spend all the money for the cosmetic surgery needed on the little girl that they actually saved for a trip to Disney World, the trip was canceled. But a sociofinancement campaign has allowed the family to quickly raise sufficient funds to restore this famous site travel.

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Source: Buzzic

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