Melrose Prison : High Temperature Conditions For Inmates (Detainees)

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The temperature in Mauritius recorded up to 35 ˚C this summer. Eventually, Mauritians buy fans and air conditioners to fight against the heat. However, inmates at the Melrose prison are suffering from high temperature conditions. They complained that they are being “roasted” day and night in their cells and there are no preliminary actions being taken.
This week, families of detainees made a complaint on the temperature conditions at the Melrose prison as being “inhuman” for the prisoners. « Zot dir nou ki zot pe mank ler dan prizon ek la direksion pa fer narnie. Kan deor pe fer 35 ˚C andan zot selil pe fer 42 ˚C. Pena okenn aerasion » says a family member of an inmate.


The ventilation problem did not start just recently, according to prisoners’ families. One year ago, the National Development Unit officers (NDU) made changes to the Melrose Prison to allow more ventilation. Thereafter, the work has been on progress.
« Komiser prizon ti bien okouran sa problem-la. Mem drwa de lom ek osi gouvernman, me personn pa finn fer nanye. Lotorite pou azir kan pou fini ena mort dan prison » said a relative. For these 60 detainees, who are struggling against the heat conditions, every day is a fight for survival. No one in charge at the Melrose Prison wants to comment on this subject.

Source: Defimedia

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