Rescue Operation [VIDEO] At Sept Cascades (Tamarind Falls): Eight persons rescued after facing difficulties

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More fear than harm caused for the 8 rescued people. Thus, we could summarize the hike made by eight people, including a teenager of 12, on Saturday, January 30. They found themselves in big trouble at Sept-Cascades (Tamarind Falls), around 17:30.
Indeed, eight hikers were airlifted by the “Chetak” helicopter of the police force. Two of them, aged 23 and 25, were slightly injured. All are from the village of Nouvelle Decouverte.


Seven Cascades is a breathtaking and picturesque attraction, but the dramas and dangers are numerous. Among other accidents that took place there: a thirty year old man from Camp Thorel had made a fatal fall in April 2015 and two policemen were drowned there back in August of the same year.

If you haven’t been to Tamarind Falls, here’s a video below:

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