[VIDEO] Road safety: Bodha wants to give increased power to police on our roads

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The Ministry of Mauritius always wanted to give more powers to the police. Hence, one of the amendments to the Road Traffic Act was announced during a visit to Solferino Beaux-Songes Link Road on Friday, January 29th will give that option to our policemen.

During a site visit to the Solferino Beaux-Songes Link Road last Friday, January 29, the Minister of Public Infrastructure, Nando Bodha, announced that new amendments will be introduced to the Road Traffic Act at the opening of Parliament. He also added that in order to prevent accidents like the one that killed six people last month on the link road to Beaux Songes, a Speed ​​Camera will be installed there.

Among the changes he has made to the Road Traffic Act: Review dangerous driving terms and identify areas prone to accidents or give more power to the police to better perform their duties, particularly in respect to Alcohol tests and license suspension requests.


Owners of bars and nightclubs
In addition, the State Law Office is currently working on the legal provisions regarding the responsibility of the owners of bars and nightclubs in relation to their customers while intoxicated. Moreover, plan to revise the regulations concerning the transportation of passengers in vehicle boxes will be reviewed. The Minister also announced that instead of four hours, a driver involved in an accident will now have one hour to report it to the police.

Contacted for a reaction to these new amendments, Daniel Raymond, Government Adviser, says that “it is imperative to review our road infrastructure. Our concern in terms of road safety is to reduce risky behaviors. ”

Dharamdev Nathoo, Chief Engineer for Traffic Management and Road Safety Unit, believes that “the main objective is to solve the speed problem. There will be measures such as Hatched Markings Road and a bike path of two meters on both sides of the road to allow the pedestrian and the cyclist to move freely. ”


Source: L’express


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