TERROR: A Man Discovers A Giant Lizard On The Front Of His House

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In Australia a man made ​​a surprising discovery on the outside wall of his house. A 1.5 meter giant lizard had settled on his wall.

Eric Holland, a resident of Thurgoona in New South Wales in Australia, told British Newspaper ‘The Guardian’ that he has had the biggest fear ever and he was very scared. He then further added, “I saw something move while I went out of my garden. I approached and I said ‘ what the fuck is that thing?’ Time to get over it, I went to take a camera”.


In the photo we can see a giant lizard of 1.5 meters. The animal is stuck to the front of the house. After taking the picture, suddenly, the lizard disappeared in the wild. After a brief analysis, we can say it’s not a lizard, but a very large lizard. In Australia there are a lot of them, but they remain hidden in nature. In general, the animal remains cautious with humans, but they are still considered dangerous because of their teeth and claws.
According to a Board spokesperson for the Environment and Heritage in New South Wales, they concluded that it is a type of monitor lizard “Goanna” that can reach two meters and nearly 20 kilos.


Source: theguardian


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