[SELL] Mini Curler And Straightener (Only 1 available)

One of our members need to sell this 2 in 1 mini curler to raise money for her studies.

Price: Rs. 900.00 (If you buy today we will give you Rs. 100.00 discount – We will refund her the Rs. 100)

Location: In the vicinity of Flacq and Quartier Militaire.

Phone Number: 57630998

More pictures of the curler can be found here – Mini Curler


Here are the details of the mini curler –

The range of the hair: dry wet amphibious
Heat conductor material: other
Heat conductor diameter: below 15 mm
Temperature calibration: other
The best modelling time: less than 1 minute
Colors: red, white, sky blue
Product categories: volume/straighten

1. The general voltage: 110 ~ 220 v 35 w 50/60 hz
2. Intelligent constant temperature constant temperature 190 ℃
3. 360 ℃, rotating wire never knot, line 2 meters long.
4. Press the ON/OFF the power switch button, adorn hair began to work.

1. use the hair curler before the hair dry to 8 to 9 when work should be carried out
2.clip hair piece
3.Three members of the clip in hair, with a curling iron and then upgrade to coil, coil to do you think the right place.
Stay for about half a minute can do both.Then slowly down cooling, had better use the cold wind blow the finalize the design.

1. do not use object curling iron, in order to avoid high temperature damage the internal circuit.
2. in use and not resistant to high temperature shall not be put in combustible items.
3. do not use into the bathroom, or any place with water and liquid, lest produce an electric shock or damage to the parts.
4. curling iron should keep a safe distance with the skin, so as to avoid overheating burns.
5. such as damage to the power cord and plug must by the manufacturer or maintenance department damage repair.
6. after use should pull the plug, dry storage after cooling, do not put the power cord coil on the fuselage.

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