Here’s How To Triple Your Wireless Signal At Home With A Simple Cab

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Do you have an old can of beer or cola at home that is of no use?

Do not throw it away in the trash immediately because through it you’ll be able to triple the strength of your wireless signal. Yes, TRIPLE!

Try the following steps:

1. Enjoy your cold drink


2. Remove the small metal opening system


3. Using a scissor, remove the bottom of the can


4.With a knife, cut along the top edge but not go all the way and cut everything.

It must remain about 2 cm so that the cover continues to hold.



5. Now cut from bottom to top and “open” the can


6. At that time, it must have more or less this form.


7. Take some patafix and put in metal over the opening of the box.


8. Now you can set the aperture according to the antenna. It will hold with the help of the patafix


With this simple trick, your WiFi signal will triple. Try at home!


Here are all the instructions in a 2 minutes video:

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