[BREAKING NEWS] – Calls From CLAIM For Legalisation Of Cannabis In Mauritius

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The meeting of Thursday, February 4 saw the hearing of members of the Cannabis Legalization And Informative Movement Association (CLAIM).

They demanded the decriminalization of Marijuana to counter the spread of synthetic drugs and “hard” drugs. “When they do not find cannabis on the market, consumers are turning to synthetic drugs,” says Juste Fleuriot, the President of the Commission, Paul Lam Shang Leen and his two assessors, Sam Lauthan and Ravind Domun.

“Despite the crackdown, a consumer will always look for the drug. If he finds weeds, there’s no need for him to look for heroin, opium or other. ” “Decriminalize cannabis for a trial period. We’ll see if it works,” he pleaded.



“60-70% of reported crimes in the country are committed by drug addicts. And there is a trafficking network operating in jail,” Paul Lam Shang Leen said. Dr. Algen Jaganathen, a member of the association, feels the same way. The Mauritian scientist, based in France, talked about the benefits of cannabis medically. ‘Lecturer’ at the University of Strasbourg, he argues that it is very easy for an individual to make synthetic drugs, since the formulas are available on the Net.

“We must track down importers of products used to manufacture synthetic drugs, not consumers.” Paul Lam Shang Leen asked for reliable international press clippings concerning the research on medical Marijuana. Members from CLAIM handed the board a medical product, made from Marijuana, that is freely sold in Mauritius.



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