Scientists Finally Come To Unravel The Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle! And The Explanation Is Very Simple..

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The Bermuda Triangle, it was one of the last great unsolved mysteries for which no valid scientific explanation had yet been found, and incidentally a favorite press chestnut. It was, because it seems that scientists have finally managed to discover the secret of this mysterious sea area!

Off Cuba and the southwest coast of the United States, there would be a mysterious place between Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. The triangle formed by these three points, called “Bermuda Triangle” has fascinated and terrified crowds for years .


Generations of journalists, scientists, sailors and airmen, men and women have looked at this problem: aircraft that mysteriously disappeared from radar without a trace, boats that suddenly disappeared, without explanation, evaporated as …

Many more and outlandish theories have been advanced to explain the phenomenon.

These range from political conspiracy to the intervention of extraterrestrial civilizations or other submarine lost, through the Freemason conspiracy attacks of sea monsters, or the appearance of maelstroms caused by infernal fury Demon .





The explanation given by scientists may be a little less sensational, but it is nonetheless fascinating !

It features a gas, methane – the same that is found in cows and pets in the natural gas used in energy subsidiaries. Sure it’s less sexy than stories of Atlantis and aliens … but wait to see more.


Basically when you think about it, the most bizarre thing and most intriguing about the Bermuda Triangle, besides the number of disappearances, it is found that the wrecks are often intact : no hole in the hull, not a broken wing, nothing …


In 2001, the wreck of a trawler with steel hull was discovered deep in the sea. It was like a ghost ship that was laid flat on the seabed, in the center of a huge crater of 120 meters deep, called the Hole witch.


The building, along a block away, seemed perfectly intact, without a scratch explaining the reasons for the shipwreck. Stranger still, it was put right on its keel, as if it had suddenly “stop floating” and that it was staying straight, falling. As if it had been hit by a sort of hole and the sea had then closed behind him!

Well, you’ll laugh … but that’s exactly what happened.

In fact, we find deep water Pingo, huge mounds that are actually huge pockets of submarine gas. These pockets are enclosed as big bubbles swell, swell to explode!

And what will happen when the gas is suddenly released in a liquid ?

Have you ever opened a bottle of champagne ? Yes. it foams.


When this foam and these gas bubbles rise suddenly toward the surface, it creates a hole in the sea.

If the boats float, it is because they move the liquid mass which is greater than their own weight , and are therefore carried by the water. But if the water is replaced at once by gas , the boat no longer floats and flows … Suddenly


The ship has the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and drops abruptly, the sea closes in on it. So, it runs vertically … That’s why they found boats intact, placed in the middle of a submarine crater !

For aircraft, things almost go the same way : the sudden high concentration of methane in the air rises and creates strong atmospheric turbulence above the sea, disrupting navigation devices.

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