Pregnant At 17 Years: Her Mother Gave Her Wine To Do Abortion

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A 17 year old girl was admitted to the Flacq Hospital last Tuesday. She was pregnant for one month and her mother had no option than to think about abortion. She offered her daughter red wine to cause a loss of the unborn baby. A statement was recorded in the police station of Flacq about this matter.

On Tuesday, Nisha (pseudonym) was suffering from stomach pains and private parts and her mother Kamla, 50, took her immediately to the Flacq Hospital. Nisha was bleeding profusely and Kamla became very concern about the state of her daughter, before calling her former husband.

“Kamla said she was aware that my daughter was one month pregnant. She told me she was looking for a doctor for an abortion. Last Friday, she gave red wine to our daughter to cause a miscarriage. Kamla feared the way people will look at our daughter who, in addition, is not married,” says the father in his testimony.



Nisha will be examined by a police doctor and she will give her version of events to the police when she will be allowed to go home.

Sought for a reaction, Kamla said: “I knew she was pregnant. There is a week I gave her wine at a party at home. It is not the wine that caused the miscarriage. My daughter is a shop assistant and she lifts heavy boxes that could be the reason behind the miscarriage,” defends the mother.

According to Kamla, Nisha was having an affair with a 20 year old boy last year: “He often came home. I was not against this relationship. They were about to get married next month.”


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