[video]: ASSAULT of Nitin Jeeha : MINISTER Mahen Seeruttun ” REGRET ” About The Incident Involving His Brother

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The Minister of Agro Industry regretted the incident happened last week between his brother Suren and Nitin Jeeha , activist of the MMM . He was attacked by the brother of  the minister.

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“I condemn all acts of violence. This is not something we can condone. I regret the incident happened involving my brother. It’s unfortunate. I leave it to the police to do their investigation, “said Mahen Seeruttun to Radio Plus on Monday, February 15th.

Mahen Seeruttun said noting that this is due to a “provocation” that this incident occurred.



Nitin Jeeha, a member of MMM, in a statement recorded in the police station of Saint- Hubert Thursday February 11, Suren Seeruttun accused of having beaten her to “posts” on the social network Facebook on Wednesday of flooding.


Suren Seeruttun , asked for a reaction, admits he ” slapped ” Nitin Jeeha because it would have ” insulted “; adding that it is not in the habit of doing so and that it leaves it to the police to do their investigation.


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